Go see a stylist


There is something that women say to me over and over again. It is this “I wish I had come to see you sooner.” This breaks my heart because I am not a doctor offering pelvic exams, I am a hairdresser. You should LOVE to come and see me. When I ask them what took them so long, there is a slight pause and then the response, “Because my hair is awful.” I laugh, they laugh, I cut their hair, give them the best blow dry of their lives, they pay, call their hunny, book a sitter, and declare a date night.

I laugh because transforming bad hair into good hair is my job. How many of you have said, “I’m too sick to see a doctor”?? Probably none of you. And if you have, well, I really can’t help you.

This week, pick up the phone, call a salon and book an appointment. Bring pictures and be ready to have a discussion. The sad reality of this world is that we are constantly judged by our appearances. The worst of the culprits is ourselves. Life is no fun when we are constantly reminding ourselves how we do not measure up every time we pass a mirror. Do yourself a favour and put yourself in the hands of a professional. If you are nervous, book a consultation first that way you will get to know the stylist before she (or he) cuts your hair and you will have a chance to get rid of any salon anxiety. You get bonus points if you ask them what to do with your colour!

Pick up your phone and call a salon. Ask for a scalp massage and a blow dry. If you are still nervous, take a friend and get hair cuts together. Better yet, call me. I would love to do your hair!


Wake up early.

I’m not really sure what number we are on, but this week’s challenge (regardless of it being Thursday) is to wake up earlier. I belong to a fantastic community of movers and shakers and you would not believe how busy everyone is at 5 am. I love waking up early. I just really suck at it, but that’s okay because no one is perfect.

But here are three reasons to get yourself outta bed:

1- All those projects that you want to do won’t complete themselves. I love being awake this early because no one demands my attention and I can just work. My dog doesn’t even want to be outside this early, leaving me distraction free to move towards some major goals.

2- Silence. I am a loud person and an extrovert to the extreme. I never tire of good, loud company. I dream of communal living and sharing my roof with a multitude of people. However, silence is good to recharge and to reconfigure my own thoughts. As much as I enjoy laughing and having a good time I need to take a time out to figure out where I want my life to go and to reset my “compass” if you will. So, sometimes silence, my journal, and a cup of tea are awesome. And there is no shortage of that first thing in the morning.

3- The only words that are in my head are my own. I aspire to be a writer, and that is very hard to do when my brain is full of other people’s words. At 5 am, and at 6am and still at 7am, the only words that are in my head belong to me. I have mined them, uncovered them and nurtured them. Because of this I take time and write them down, sometimes they are good and true and sometimes they are foggy and confusing, but taking the time to nurture that which is yours is always a good use of time and an incredible exercise in discipline.


For the next 7 days lets build this habit of waking up early and spending some time with ourselves. I’m not saying that you have to wake up at 5, 7 will do as long as that gives you some space to do what you need to do.

See you tomorrow morning…


Goal Review #2

Okay, so June is right around the corner and I figured that since I have been M.I.A for a while I would just hop back on board to where I was supposed to be as though I had been faithfully blogging for the last eight weeks or so. And where I should be is reviewing my goal progress, and I think that you should be too.

Here we go.

Goal #1 Continue on my weight loss journey. This has actually taken shape, in many wonderful and unexpected ways. I was thrown for a loop earlier this year when I came to the realization that I did not trust my body. I was further astounded to realize that I didn’t trust my body because I didn’t know how to listen to it. So, I have been working hard to restore the relationship between my mind, my faith, and my physical being (you will probably read a lot about this as I wrestle through it.) This has been enlightening and arduous and I feel as though it may be struggle for the rest of my life. So my focus has shifted from the vain to the healthy and holistic. If I am to ever have right relationships outside my body then I need a good relationship with my body. So, without playing the numbers game (because I’m totally over that) I have been slowly losing weight and finding trust and joy in my skin. (Yay!)


Goal #2 Pay off my debt. I am 70% debt free!! Yahoo. This feels like a triumph. I did some number crunching and realized that I needed to be contributing a little bit to my debt if I’m going to be debt free by December, but I’ve got this. There will still be tough months ahead, but I’m prepared to work hard for it and finish well.


Goal #3 (My favorite one!) Cross three things off my bucket list. I’ve crossed off two (go me!) and I have a few that are in the works (look out drivers, I’m learning how to drive standard!) I also, just booked a hotel in Paris (I know, right, motherf*cking Paris!!! Ask me about this later, because I am bouncing off the walls.) Which is technically Europe, so I haven’t decided if I will cross that off my list or wait and do it later.


Anyways, not bad for lil’ ol’ me.

How is your progress going?


Make over your space.

Call your sister, your best friend, order some pizza and crack open a bottle of wine. This one may take a few days.

When was the last time your space got a make over? When was the last time you painted, decorated, re-arranged, or just plain changed your duvet cover? Chances are it has been a long time.

This week I want you to focus on your living space. Make it as beautiful as you can. Hate your wall colours? Change them. Paint is cheaper than you think. Hate your duvet cover? Need new sheets? Change them, change them, change them. You are worth it, you deserve it.

There are thousands of ideas on Pinterest, and I know that there are a few ideas floating around in your brain. You can get all kinds of things from Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or Ikea. Fly at ‘er. This is important because you live in your space and your space should reflect your best, and most beautiful you. Life is easier when you love your space and can come home and unwind from being awesome all the time.

Its your space, do what you want!