Big ships and daily commutes. 

When I was younger my dad took my mom, my siblings, my cousins and I to visit a crew of sailors who were, with their ship, abandoned by their employer in the Port of Vancouver. We brought them round orange Indian sweets and they gave us the tour of a lifetime. We visited in the bridge, and climbed down into the vast cargo holds. We walked the ship from bow to aft and explored the engine room. I remember very clearly hearing the whisper of adventure from the bow of that ship and from the stories of the sailors as we made small talk and they talked about blazing hot days and beautiful starry nights during their days at sea. My new commute includes riding through Vancouver Harbour and seeing these huge ships as they pass through, full of goods and wares. They remind me to enjoy this new adventure and to be thankful for all that it brings. These huge ships remind me that you and I are part of a bigger story. One full of possibility, goodness and unexpected joy. 

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